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Dr. Brenda Myree • Spiritual Warfare
Christians are considered to be the army of God and each individual Christian a soldier in the army. As a new Christian there is a boot camp you go through in order to learn how the Kingdom of God operates and your place within His Kingdom. As with any boot camp or basic training, you learn about your new identity, learning how to think as part of the Body of Christ (an army of One), and new skills through your manual the Bible. You will learn to become disciplined and mature in the things of God. You learn what your tools and weapons are and how to use them as well as the tactics and strategies of the enemy. After basic training, you should enter advanced training learning to become more skillful in the Word. You learn to identify your King (Jesus Christ), yourself and your enemy. At this point you may also receive a special assignment and receive more specific tactical training for your assignment.
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