Prophetic Word

Jerome Myree • Prophetic Word
Prophetic Word by Jerome Myree... what have you been believing for? what have you been speaking into the atmosphere? God is saying there shall be delay no longer!

For I the Lord say unto you this day that I am turning things around this day for you and on your behalf.  What you have seen in the past you shall see no more for I am breaking shackles and I am breaking chains.  I am bringing you to a new day but, even as you have spoken and even as I have said that the best is yet to come says the Father.  You shall know, you shall know this even by the inner witness within you for I am causing a new day to spring forth and I am causing new ideas and new concepts to arise, I am birthing new ministries, I am putting you together with new contacts and new appointments.  Yes, I am filling up the agenda for I am your agenda says the Lord.  Know even in this time and in this hour that which I have spoken I do not delay, yes, even man says, "He delays, its not coming now", but know I am the God of the Now for did I not say that faith is now and now faith is?  Know that even what you have been believing for and what you have been speaking is coming to pass now.  It's not "will it come to pass?", it is coming to pass Now!   I call you to raise your expectations, I call you to rise up from the dung hill of thinking, rise up and spring forth!  I call you higher, I call you higher, says the Lord.  Know this, know this, if you will dare to believe me and expect that which I have spoken to you, you will see an awesome manifestation of my power, an awesome manifestation of Glory that you have not experienced and you will know even in this year and even into next year; and you will look back to this year and you shall say, "How did this happen, how could this happen to me?", says the Lord.  But know, this is the Lord's doing, it is marvelous in the eyes of my people, says the Lord.

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