The Hand of God Working through the Hands of Men

Apostle Jerome Lee Myree • Prophetic Word
God is raising a new apostolic company of prophetic voices, a new generation who are demonstrating the Kingdom of God through music and fine arts. Tearing down strongholds and coming against the kingdom of darkness, building up the Kingdom of God. Hear the Word of the Lord.




Hand of God Working Through The Hands of Man...Remember, I have given you authority... Luke 10:19








1. God is raising an apostolic company of prophetic voices.  An army of youth as well as mature and seasoned voices (men/women).

2. Some of them are and will be apostles and prophets walking in apostolic authority and power, demonstrating the Kingdom of God, shifting regions, nations and cores of people.  They will walk in the reality of Kingdom manifestation in the Word, love, true holiness, wisdom, power and patience.

3. They shall be worship warriors which cannot be resisted, to drive back the kingdom of darkness and advancing the Kingdom of God.  They will bring many souls into the Kingdom as well as destroy the works of the devil.  They will walk in and demonstrate the wisdom of God, an unprecedented supernatural power as a witness that Jesus Christ is Lord and that His Kingdom is being manifested in the earth in and through the hearts of born again, blood washed and redeemed men, women and children.  God will use the realm of the fine arts as a dangerous, lethal and potent weapon against the kingdom of darkness that will sweep the globe for the harvest of souls.


4. Through music, drama, dance, mime, artwork and other areas of fine arts, and through the declaration/decrees demonic strongholds and principalities shall be pulled down and uprooted.  Plots, plans and schemes of the enemy will be revealed, paralyzed, decapitated and destroyed.

5. There will be massive salvations, healings and deliverances.  Restorations as promised by the Father will take place.  God will restore the years that He promised.  The world as we know it will see Jesus Christ through His corporate body on earth ... through the obedience of the saints that have been equipped, trained, activated and released through and by five-fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) working together.


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