Prophetic Word for 2011

Apostles Jerome Myree & Brenda Myree • Spiritual Maturity
Well, it's here, a new year is upon us. The year of perfect order is done and now, 2011. So what is the Lord saying about this new year? There are many people giving forth words "from the Lord". This is what the Lord is saying to us concerning 2011. read on.
Well, the new year 2011 is upon us.  What is the Lord saying for this new year?  There are many people saying many things regarding this new year but this is what the Lord is saying to us.

The number 11 has different and, what appears to be, contradicting meanings oddly enough.  One meaning is disorder and disorganization.  Another meaning is extra measure and revelation.   According to The Prophet's Dictionary by Paula A Price, Ph.D., "eleven is the number for paradigm shifts.  Eleven is a transitional number that signifies when power changes hands  because it falls between ten, the number of divine injunction and government, and twelve, the number of the rule of God's covenanted ones, particularly His apostles."  1 Kings 6:38, 2 Kings 9:29, Jeremiah 1:3 and 39:2-3.  Matthew 19:28, Revelation 21:12-14.  If we look at what the Lord is saying to us for 2011 we can actually apply all these meanings.  First, for those who are being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and following His leading, we believe this will be a year of revelation and extra measure, paradigm shits - new levels in all areas of our lives but particularly that of purpose.  Those who are not sensitive to the Holy Spirit or His leading through prayer and relationship, who are not in position to receive divine downloads, will experience continued disorder and disorganization where nothing seems to work.  They will seem to be stuck in a perpetual state of transition never being able to complete their cycle.  

It is so very vital at this time that we spend more time in the Word of God and in prayer, praise and worship so we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I know, I know.  There are those who say, "you are so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good."  Well, to be perfectly honest, at this time it is becoming more and more important for us to be heavenly minded in order to be able to function and fulfill God's purpose on this earth.  Remember the "Lord's prayer" where He says, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven".   In order for His Will to be done here on earth we must find out what it is like in Heaven.  The only way to do that is through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  It will be up to us to get God's strategy in this time for us to bring forth His will in government, education, finance, entertainment/the arts, military and home life.  Some will be "planted" as "spies" in their spheres of influence like Joshua and Caleb were in the Land of Milk & Honey.  There will be those, including children, who will be full of a mature God speaking, prophesying, healing the sick, casting out devils, operating in signs, wonders and miracles.  There will be greater angelic activity this year as they harken to the words of God that we speak forth, demonstrating the Kingdom of God, mobilizing and advancing His Kingdom.

It will be more imperative in this coming year that we manifest our giftings or our purpose through our realm of influence making the kingdoms of this world the kingdoms of God.  It is returning to first things.  God is saying first things first.  Take a look at 2011.  We have the dates 01/01/11, 01/11/11, 11/01/11 and 11/11/11.  One is unity, first, one purpose, unity of one body, one mind, one vision, the one man - the corporate man.  The body of Christ returning back to the original plan of the Father.  Back to our God-given vision.  His Kingdom first - seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness . . . Matthew 6:33.  

There will be a paradigm shift towards holiness, purification, returning back to the creative Word, restoration of all God purposed and established from the beginning.  Fathers taking their rightful place in the Body of Christ and the family.  Five-fold ministers functioning in the local church/assembly as well as the Body of Christ globally, unity in faith and knowledge of God's Son - oneness.  Eph. 4:11-13.  There will be fresh revelation of One - in Christ, in Him, in Whom, in God.  There will be a fresh revelation of one in Christ as in marriage between a man and woman becoming one flesh, one spirit, one man.

This will require extreme obedience to God through the Holy Spirit.  There will be a strong emphasis on corporate prayer and decreeing and declaring and prophesying the Word of God.  Be in one accord in prayer.  Recognition that Jesus and the Father are one as we are one In Him.  John 17, Psalm 12:5.  One heart, one soul.  Acts 4:32.  One new man.  Eph. 2:15, one body and Spirit Eph 4:4, one hope, one Lord, faith, baptism - Eph. 4:5.  One accord, one mind Phil. 2:2.   One God and one mediator between God and man - Jesus Christ.  1 Tim. 2:5.  He who sanctifies and they who are sanctified are all one.  Jesus is not ashamed to call us brethren.  Heb. 2:12.  Three that  bear record in heaven, the Father, Word and Holy Ghost, these three are one.  1 John 5:8.

There will be a new sound released from heaven.  A new army will emerge as Christians everywhere unite and catch the revelation that we are one body, the Body of Christ.  We will take our positions and carry forth God's mandate.  We will get the revelation of His strategic plan and advance His Kingdom through greater evangelism.

First things first is the word for 2011.  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Receiving the revelation of One.  Back to the revelation of the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Going into all the world teaching the gospel of the Kingdom, making disciples, healing the sick, casting out devils.  Demonstrating the Kingdom of God, mobilizing and advancing the Kingdom of God for His Glory!

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